About Me


During my studies, I gained a lot of experience in different programs. For example in the Adobe Master Suite Collection: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Premier. In my later semesters, I learned the basics of SublimeText as HTML, CSS and jQuery. During my exchange semester in Australia, I began to learn how WordPress is working and started to develop my Photoshop and Illustrator Skills further.

In general, I gained a broad understanding of design. In my first semester, I started with the very basics of how a typface is working, what Microtypography is and the basic design rules. The further my studies went, the further I developped all these skills and feel more and more prepared for the real world where I see my future self. Furthermore, I recognized that I am very passioned about Editorial design – this love started to grow in my 3rd semester, when I did a fashion and lifestyle Magazine for gay men. This leads me to my next point, my future dream job. Read more about this in the next topic. In the topic Projects you will learn more about my latest projects.