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SWOT Analysis

Last but not least, I want to give a SWOT Analysis with all the Strenghts, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats related to my dream job.

Strenghts: My Strenghts are my experiences in creating my own magazine. I understand how the process of making a whole magazine is working from the very beginning on: Generating content, create a concept, photography, precision at work…

Weaknesses: It could happen that I don‘t have enough working experience, especially when it comes to merchandising of magazines etc.

Opportunities: The trend is tending to go back to analog again eventhough our world is digital. Everybody wants to be unique and independent, not mainstream – that´s why INDIE Magazines become more popular. These magazines have their own special USP due to the fact they have a limited edition. On the other hand, the digital job market allows me to create a good self-promotion.

Threats: Due to the trend to the analog, there is a big competetion amongst the competitors. A lot of young creative people want to be unique and create their own stuff. The market of independent magazines seems not to be too sure, there is a fluctuation in supply and demand.

About Me


During my studies, I gained a lot of experience in different programs. For example in the Adobe Master Suite Collection: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Premier. In my later semesters, I learned the basics of SublimeText as HTML, CSS and jQuery. During my exchange semester in Australia, I began to learn how WordPress is working and started to develop my Photoshop and Illustrator Skills further.

In general, I gained a broad understanding of design. In my first semester, I started with the very basics of how a typface is working, what Microtypography is and the basic design rules. The further my studies went, the further I developped all these skills and feel more and more prepared for the real world where I see my future self. Furthermore, I recognized that I am very passioned about Editorial design – this love started to grow in my 3rd semester, when I did a fashion and lifestyle Magazine for gay men. This leads me to my next point, my future dream job. Read more about this in the next topic. In the topic Projects you will learn more about my latest projects.

About Me

Career Aspirations

On the way to becoming a good graphic designer, it´s all about inspiration, gathering ideas and create new ways of thinking. It´s also about the process of making things and getting better and better. Particulary in my studies in this creative field, a few very inspiring designers accompanied me. At this point, I would like to give you an impression of their work:

To My Future Self | Jiani Lu

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– Full Stop. | Sydney Lim

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Currently, I see myself in this situation that I learned a lot so far but still sometimes have the feeling, there is a lot more to learn and to think of. I wanted to look beyond my own nose, I wanted to learn new ways of thinking and different approaches. For this reason, I decided to spend two semesters abroad. Further I hope that my apprenticeship, which I want to complete abroad aswell, helps me bringing me closer to my dream job. Only in a company, I have the possiblity to use my skills which I learned theoretically through all the years in my studies. At this point, I will combine theory with praxis and apply my skills in my working life.

I see my future self either in a small design bureau, in my self created INDIE-Magazine or as independent graphic designer. I never want to stop developping myself and I am very curious about my future.


About Me

Once I had a dream…


As I mentioned before, I am very passionated about Editorial Design and already created my own magazine. To seek for more inspiration, I started to attend design conferences and design talks. On one of these conferences, Steven Watson presented his company „STACK Magazines“. I was absolutely thrilled with this idea and started to suscribe to the weekly offer. I just want to explain what „STACK Magazines“ is about.

Discover a different independent magazine every month! 

– Stack brings together the world´s best independent magazines
– You can choose the great value stack suscription that suits you
– Stack delivers a monthly magazine surprise direct to your door

„Stack selects the best independent magazines and delivers them direct to your door.“

Why did Stack start? Steven Watson

Stack founder Steven Watson started Stack because
he thought people want something better to read. There are piles of fantastic magazines out there just waiting to be discovered, and Stack makees it cheaper and easier than ever for people to find and enjoy them.

How does Stack work? 

Stack acts as a filter, selecting the best independent titles and supplying them at the best price via the suscription service or weekly sampler offers.

So I love Stack because …

– It is a surprise!
– It is top quality
– It is great value for money
– It is totally updated
– It makes a great gift

After that all, I was completely persuaded I would be ready to work for Stack. I have experience in different field of Editorial Design and it is more than fun, looking for new independent magazines and explore all the different design approaches. In my next topic, the SWOT Analysis, you will learn more about my skills and why I am appropriate for this job in detail.