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It took me a while till I found a theme which met the requirements of my blog. Through try and error, I finally found Ryu. Ryu was created specifially for the Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter generation of personal bloggers. More specifially, it is made for bloggers who don´t necessarily spend a long time writing long articles but often post shorter ones – or just images, videos, galleries, links and so on. Therefore, supporting those post formats is a good option so that one can apply visual treatment that enhances each format´s content. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and the Image format is specially popular in personal blogs.

What I like aswell is that the image in format will be displayed as wide as the page. And if you want to add some text after the image, you can use the excerpt which appears below the title like a paragraph in the standard format. The gallery format also displays galleries at full width, but it does not use the background color treatment. In addition, Ryu has no sidebar at all – yes, this is a feature. For personal blogs, the traditional sense of a sidebar is often less important and filled with junk that its readers just simply ignore. Filling pages with stuff has never helped usability, so the designer wanted the readers to concentrate on the most important thing – the content. Widgets and footer do not exist in that way due to Ryu was designed with Infinite Scroll first in mind. This really enhances the reader´s experience on blogs that have shorter posts. For the widget lovers, there is still an optional widget area that appears in the togglable panel at the top if you configure widgets. In general, this theme has no menue – the author really wanted to make the designer think about using a menue only if it needs one. At least, this theme is a responsive design.

“The more I learn, the more I realize how far I am from the end of my journey.” – Ryu


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