About Me

Career Aspirations

On the way to becoming a good graphic designer, it´s all about inspiration, gathering ideas and create new ways of thinking. It´s also about the process of making things and getting better and better. Particulary in my studies in this creative field, a few very inspiring designers accompanied me. At this point, I would like to give you an impression of their work:

To My Future Self | Jiani Lu

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– Full Stop. | Sydney Lim

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Currently, I see myself in this situation that I learned a lot so far but still sometimes have the feeling, there is a lot more to learn and to think of. I wanted to look beyond my own nose, I wanted to learn new ways of thinking and different approaches. For this reason, I decided to spend two semesters abroad. Further I hope that my apprenticeship, which I want to complete abroad aswell, helps me bringing me closer to my dream job. Only in a company, I have the possiblity to use my skills which I learned theoretically through all the years in my studies. At this point, I will combine theory with praxis and apply my skills in my working life.

I see my future self either in a small design bureau, in my self created INDIE-Magazine or as independent graphic designer. I never want to stop developping myself and I am very curious about my future.



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