What the font?!

Ryu uses grand typography. Grand here is both magnificent and big in size. That the reader has to adjust the font on the screen is now a thing of the past. Ryu uses 23px for body text and for entry titles, it´s 68px. As I wanted to go for a large font size, I chose Abril Fatface. It´s stylish and beautiful at the same time. The designer originally uses the similar font Playfair Display which has kind of similarities with Abril. Georgia lookes great when paired with Abril – I didn´t stick to the creators idea here and only went for two different fonts. Abril Fatface in combination with Source Sans Pro. The second one is used for the body and still provides good readability as Georgia does. In the original plan,  it was Lato which gave visual contrast and hierarchy. It was used in all-caps in post meta, navigations and site title. I think, these to typefaces fit relatively well to each other as they are very different. Abril is a serif font, Source is a non-serif one.

Related to the fact that „STACK Magazines“ is my dream future employer, the font Source Sans Pro is similar to their font Tablet Gothic Condensed Bold – it shows the same simplicity but in a slightly different way.  So this is basically why I went for especially these fonts.


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